Annita Harmon’s family sues 2 state agencies, claiming negligence with Montwheeler

A new lawsuit claims that a gas attendant at this Ontario station tried to rescue Annita Harmon after she was kidnapped by her ex-husband. (The Enterprise/file)

VALE – The father of Annita Harmon is suing two Oregon state agencies, accusing them of failing to keep control of the man now charged with murdering her two years ago. The suit reveals new details about the day she died.

The suit names the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board, which in December 2016 discharged its responsibility for Anthony Montwheeler, and the Oregon State Hospital, whose staff said Montwheeler should be freed from state custody.

The case was filed Friday, Dec. 21, in Multnomah County Circuit Court by attorney David Paul on behalf of Leslie Harmon II, the victim’s father who lives in Weiser.

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