EDITORIAL: Oregon leaders need to act on system that handled Montwheeler

Reforming how the state protects Oregonians from the criminally insane needs the unwavering attention of Gov. Kate Brown, legislators and state agency officials. Since the Anthony Montwheeler case seized public attention nearly two years ago, precious little has changed. Our investigation into the dangers of the system should sink spurs deep into political hides to get them moving.

In Oregon, those found guilty except for insanity don’t go to prison but instead get put in the charge of the state Psychiatric Security Review Board. The board manages the criminally insane with hospitalization and community treatment. The five-person board also sets those free who are no longer considered a danger, don’t have a qualifying mental illness, or who have hit the time limit set by state law.

If you listened to the state board, you might conclude it is one . . .