EDITORIAL: On Veterans Day, take time to reflect on all who serve our nation

Across Oregon, more than 310,000 people can say proudly, “I’m a vet.” That includes 25,600 women and about 2,000 military veterans in Malheur County. Sunday is Veterans Day, and especially now, it ought to be more than an excuse for a Monday holiday from work or school.

Every veteran who stepped into boots and pulled on a uniform did a service to this country. Across the centuries, Americans have stepped up to defend with their courage and their blood the right to live free in the U.S., and the right of people in other lands to live free of totalitarian governments. They have kept threats from our shores, making the U.S. one of the most secure places on the planet.

They have answered the call time after time. At times, they were drafted – conscripted to serve their . . .