EDITORIAL: Local nonprofits take on big job, play key role in giving season

In a sense, this is playoff season for many local charities. We’re into the time of year when benefit dinners and auctions pepper our calendars. But without them, nonprofits couldn’t serve Malheur County’s needs – if they could exist at all. They warrant your support and here’s why.

Most nonprofits operating in Malheur County get little to no government funding. They serve children, abused women, the homeless and more only because local people and businesses are generous. The nonprofits count on your check to pay the light bill, cover pay checks, and to serve their particular audience.

And they have found here and across the country that benefit events are necessary. And we have a string of them just in the coming weeks. The Vale FFA, for instance, has its big annual auction in Vale on Saturday. The week after . . .