Ontario penalty kick clinches win over Mac-Hi

ONTARIO — A proverbial electric current filled the cool air Saturday afternoon at Ontario, beginning with the pre-game cheers, weaving through 80 minutes of physical, playoff-like soccer, and reaching peak voltage when Ontario’s Danny Rodriguez lined up for a penalty kick in the second half during a tight struggle.

The senior player broke out of a crouch at the official’s whistle, took long, smooth strides toward the ball, and tucked a shot in the top middle of the net, giving the Tigers a 3-2 lead over archrival Mac-Hi and clinching the league’s top spot.

“It’s a very big deal. We haven’t been in this position in a really long time, but we hold the destiny in our hands,” said Ontario head coach, Jaime Gonzalez. “In our league, we’re No. 1. We still have . . .