EDITORIAL: Victims of sex assault deserve better from us

You would have to be stone deaf or heartless not to notice what happened in the country last week. No, we’re not talking about the stunning U.S. Senate hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. We’re talking about the unleashing of pain and memory by women everywhere who have been sexually abused yet stifled their voices. No doubt that has happened time after time in Malheur County.

Much of the country was riveted by the public testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and then the forceful – tearful, in parts – denunciation of her accusations by Brett Kavanaugh. The fate of Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court rests in the hands of U.S. senators, who are awaiting a new FBI investigation.

No one has to pick a side to be struck by what the hearing uncapped. Across the U.S., women . . .