COLUMN: Interns brought talent, energy to Vale

Carolyn Agrimis and Max Egener, summer reporters at the Malheur Enterprise. (The Enteprise/Les Zaitz)

The newsroom at the Malheur Enterprise is a little quieter this week.

We’re missing our two summer reporters, Carolyn Agrimis and Max Egener. Last Friday was their final day on duty, the end of their paid internships in Vale.

We hope you’ll miss them too.

Through the summer, Carolyn and Max built on what they learned studying journalism at the University of Oregon. They are both amazed at how fast the summer went. No doubt.

While learning journalism skills, they provided us extra muscle to bring you important stories. They were treated as equals and expected to perform as equals. They didn’t fail us or you on that count.

They took their duty seriously . . .