Ontario mayoral and city council races draw flock of candidates

ONTARIO — With two months to go for the Nov. 6 elections, the ballot for Ontario’s mayoral and city council races is set.

Voters will decide between four candidates for mayor and seven candidates for three city council seats. People may have already seen campaign signs posted around town.

Ontario’s current mayor, Ron Verini, isn’t seeking reelection, ending his 10-year political career after spending six years as a city councilor and four years as mayor.

Frank Griffith, Billy Carter, Marty Justus, and Riley Hill are running to take Verini’s place.

City Councilor Tessa Winebarger has stepped off the council and Councilor Betty Carter has decided against another term. Councilor Dan Capron is running to keep his seat.

Others seeking a council seat are Eddy Thiel, Cydney Cooke, Thomas Jost Jr., Freddy Rodriguez, Kylee . . .