Vale activist wants to shed stigma of marijuana use

VALE – The name of the horse was Big Sky and Dave Eyler already knew the animal was going to be a challenge.

That day in 1987 at a college rodeo in Haines, Eyler still felt his chances were good to score high and help his team from Eastern Oregon University collect needed points.

Matters went wrong the minute Eyler entered the chute and the events that ensued introduced him to the medical benefit of marijuana.

“He crushed me,” said Eyler of Big Sky.

The horse knocked the wind out of Eyler and bruised his sternum. Then, after the chute opened, Big Sky delivered a season’s worth of punishment in a few seconds.

The horse bucked toward the stands and then tossed Eyler so violently he sailed over the fence.

“I held my reins and . . .