EDITORIAL: Value education, ask about school, and lend an ear

Students at Vale Elementary School chat with friends during recess. (The Enterprise/ Carolyn Agrimis)

Parents across Malheur County sent children back to school this week, and some may think education starts at the schoolhouse door. As a community, we do have high expectations of our school system. We also should have high expectations of parents.

The beginning of a new school year is a time of optimism. Students have advanced a grade, and share the thrill of a new room and likely a new teacher. Teachers spent part of their summer sharpening their skills and planning for the year ahead. And school administrators have adjusted staffing and programs, mindful that they will be judged on how their schools stack up with others across the state.

Across the county, efforts will be aimed at reducing dropout rates, cutting absenteeism and boosting high . . .