EDITORIAL: It’s time for one last ribbon from this year’s fair

The resiliency of the Malheur County Fair echoes that of the people of the community. Knocked back by the winter of 2017, the fair operation shook off misfortune, dug in, and got back to business. That was plenty evident at this year’s run.

In the depths of that winter, many had to wonder how the fairgrounds would recover. Buildings were crushed, destroyed by the brutal weight of unusual snow loads. Other structures were severely damaged. This year, there was no sign of that damage.

New structures, some finished just in the nick of time, give the fairgrounds a fresh look. Animals and exhibitors both are no doubt grateful for the astute decisions made by the Malheur County Fair Board and Fair Manager Lynelle Christiani that were faithful to the community’s deep interest in its fair.

Of course, a county . . .