Malheur County abuzz with bees

Honey bees are the most commonly cultivated bee species for pollination. (Max Egener/The Enterprise)

VALE – There’s a buzz in Oregon, and most of it is coming from Malheur County.

There are more bee colonies in Malheur than in any other county in Oregon, according to the last agricultural census conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2012. The county had over 17,000 bee colonies, each with potentially more than 60,000 bees.

Behind cattle, bees are the second largest livestock product in the county.

Malheur’s contributions consistently help make Oregon one of the top bee producers in the country. By June, Oregon had the 10th highest number of bee colonies with 106,000, according to a federal survey.

Bee researchers say that the vegetation and climate in Malheur County make it . . .