Ontario voters will decide on marijuana initiative in November

ONTARIO — The Ontario City Council unanimously decided that it would allow citizens to vote on a controversial ballot initiative in November.

During a special meeting held Tuesday evening, all members of the city council reviewed voted against the initiative to allow marijuana retail sales in the city. By law, that meant the ballot measure sought by MalheurCAN will go to voters in November.

City Manager Adam Brown explained in a social media post that the council had three choices in dealing with the ballot measure. He said the council could accept the petition and that would make the initiative law without a public vote. The council could reject the MalheurCAN initiative and put its own form of a marijuana repeal on the ballot or it could do what it did — oppose the measure and send it on to the voters to settle.

The decision opens the door for what is expected to be a high-profile campaign by supporters and opponents of allowing recreational marijuana sales.

Kristen de Leon: [email protected] or 541-473-3377.