Wanted: a new owner for Malheur County landmark

The White Horse Inn in McDermitt was once a wild place. The Oregon-Nevada border runs right through the building. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Gregg)

McDERMITT – Like the mines that once filled this border town with men and money, the historic White Horse Inn, has been closed since the late 1980s. 

However, after being listed for sale last summer, there is potential for life to be breathed into the classic building that straddles the Oregon-Nevada border just outside of town. 

“It has a lot of potential,” said Astrid Schweigert, of Cowboy Country Realty in Winnemucca. The new owner “has to be somebody who loves historic buildings, who loves the history behind it and is willing to do the paperwork to establish it as a historical building.” 

Schweigert is one of two realtors representing the . . .