Voter turnout in Malheur County edges up in county’s primary

Voter turnout in Oregon counties for the May primary election. (The Enterprise/Kristine de Leon)

VALE – More Malheur County voters participated in the May 2018 election than the previous midterm primary.

According to voter statistics from the state Elections Division, roughly 37 percent of Malheur County registered voters participated. That is 6 percent more voters than the 2014 primary.

Although Malheur County ranked 21st out of Oregon’s 36 counties, the county’s voter turnout was better than the overall state rate of 34 percent. The highest rates of voter turnout were in Grant (67 percent), Gilliam (60 percent) and Wallowa (61 percent) counties.

Gayle Trotter, Malheur county clerk, said that voter turnout generally drops off in midterm primaries. Historical voter statistics from the state show that voter turnout typically decreases around midterm elections and drops even . . .