Hay’s on the ground – so it looks like rain

“Eighty-two degrees with a 12 percent chance of rain and 4 mph wind” read the weather forecast. “Better count on a cold, rainy, windy weekend,” I told my husband.

He double-checked the statistics. “It looks like it’ll be nice.”

“Well, I say it’s going to rain—might even have a thunderstorm.”

“Look.” He held out his phone so I could see the forecast myself. 

He was right. It looked like lovely weather. But we had cut hay this week, and we had a camping trip coming up. A camping trip that would include tents.

“…And we all know that rain clouds will go hundreds of miles out of their way to drizzle on tent canvas.”

My husband rolled his eyes, after all, he was looking right at a lovely weekend . . .