Four Rivers Cultural Center hosts festival packed with culture, traditions

ONTARIO – They used to ride like the wind across the high desert in Malheur County and the northern Paiute Indians developed a unique culture.

Many of those traditions were passed down by word-of-mouth and guarded with pride. On Saturday, local residents will be able to see, hear and take part in those rituals at Four Rivers Cultural Center at the Tradition Keepers event. 

The free event runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and showcases folk history and arts in a close-up way.

“You can experience the incredible skills of all these different community members,” said Matt Stringer, cultural center executive director.

The event spotlights art forms such as Paiute bead and cradleboard making, silversmith artistry, horsehide whip braiding, and the construction of rock jacks.

Stringer said the event has attracted . . .