Campaigns evenly matched in spending on Ontario tax vote

The two campaigns battling over Ontario’s sales tax raised and spent similar sums, according to the latest filings with the state Elections Division.

Citizens for a Better Ontario, the political action committee led by Ontario Mayor Ron Verini, reported raising $13,590 and spending $13,395.

Verini was the largest donor to the PAC, giving $5,200. Bob Quinn, owner of Ontario’s Clarion Inn, gave $5,000 through his company.

The PAC spent most of its money — $11,196 — with Ontario’s Argus Observer. The publisher is married to Ontario City Councilor Marty Justus, one of the leaders of the pro sales tax effort.

STOP The New Sales Tax Committee, a political action committee founded by contractor Jackson Fox, reported raising $11,478 and spending $11,021. The biggest donor was Treasure Valley Steel, which gave $2,500.

The anti-sales tax group’s largest expenditures were $3,500 to TNT Signs and $3,249 to Silver Signet Graphic Design, an Ontario marketing firm.