Sales tax gamble didn’t pay off for Ontario council

Voters scuttled Ontario's 1 percent sales tax proposal last week after a long and sometimes contentious political battle. (The Enterprise/File).

ONTARIO – Ontario City Councilor Dan Capron wasn’t surprised voters rejected a 1 percent sales tax proposal last week.

Neither was Council President Norm Crume or Councilor Tess Winebarger.

In an otherwise mundane off-year election, city voters scuttled the proposal May 15 1,581 to 825.

That the final tally Tuesday night was a decisive statement by voters was clear but less well defined was why supporters of the measure were less than astounded by the results.

“I knew the sentiment was always against the sales tax. We are Oregon. People have it ingrained in them not to have a sales tax. I had told everyone that the only way I’d . . .