Class assignment for Malheur County graduates: Bring civility back into vogue

We’d like a few moments with the high school graduates of 2018. The rest of you can tag along, but this is meant for those teens ready to toss caps in the air. This isn’t goodbye, exactly, but encouragement for you graduates to help the rest of us do better. 

These are confusing times to be free of school and parents. The country’s economy is getting stronger, but pay isn’t keeping up. The nation’s government is as transfixed by a porn star as it is by policy towards North Korea. Assassination of character is unrelenting on social media. People spout on issues they know nothing about and can be quick to make venomous comments, ignominy then their legacy. 

And then along comes the Class of 2018 for Malheur County. Thank goodness. At the Malheur Enterprise, we . . .