Success of Malheur County students gives hope where worry is all too dominating

Anytime you start getting too anxious about the future, think about what local students are achieving. High schools from one end to the other of Malheur County are churning out success stories. They are a counterpoint to worries about where the country, even the state, is headed.

Next week, for example, a team of Vale High School students will climb onto the international stage. Porter McKrola, Jonas Grout, Jacob Maxwell, and Briggs Marvin are taking their ability with robotics to Kentucky for the VEX Robotics World Championship. Imagine that. Local high school students so talented at what they do that they are going up against the best the rest of the globe has to offer. No matter how they fare, they certainly go with the best wishes and hopes of the community.

And then there is Sundee Speelmon, a senior at Adrian High . . .