Ontario city councilor calls for public action against Facebook post related to tax

ONTARIO – Ontario City Councilor Marty Justus last week urged people to press a local business manager to delete a post from her personal Facebook page, one that linked to a published article about actions by a friend of his.

The move came after the Malheur Enterprise last week reported that a longtime civic leader, Charlotte Fugate, had torn down a political sign inside a local business. Fugate supports a proposed Ontario sales tax, and took down a sign opposing the tax.

Kim Lopez of Treasure Valley Steel said she posted the story to her personal Facebook page. She is married to Dan Lopez, one of the petitioners who referred the city sales tax to voters.

Justus, a city councilor since 2015, defended Fugate in a post to his own Facebook page early Saturday.

“I am not telling you that what she . . .