Canadian company shelves Vale mushroom plant, citing tariffs and other changes


VALE – A Canadian mushroom company has cancelled plans to build in Vale, citing new tariffs on building materials like steel, currency rates and changes in the market. 

“Things have changed,” said Andrew Truong, project manager for Farmers Fresh Mushrooms. “We are now looking within Canada for expansion, not in the United States.” 

Truong said the company board decided last Thursday to end its pursuit of the Vale location. 

According to Truong, one of the first items discussed by the board was the newly implemented tariffs put into place by the United States. 

“With the new tariffs on steel and building supplies in place by the U.S., we figure our building costs rise at least by 10 percent,” said Truong. “When looking at a $15 to $20 million investment, that is just . . .