Crews fixing up, sprucing up Malheur County Fairgrounds

New buildings will be ready for this year's entries showing animals at the fair. (Enterprise file photo)

Last month I made the statement: “I believe 1977 was the last new building here at the fairgrounds.” Of course I was wrong and of course I was corrected – immediately! 

I owe Frank and Lyndia Ausman and their team which built the new Dairy Barn an apology! I don’t know what I was thinking…In fact when I came to the fair two years ago I chose the red trim on the barns to match the Dairy Barn. And it isn’t a coincidence that the Small Animal Barn and Girvin will look very similar to the Dairy Barn; we purposefully copied it. 

Meanwhile, it feels like March Madness here at the fairgrounds. Crews are feverishly working on . . .