All in one place: the Malheur Enterprise series on foster care

This series was published over four weeks in early 2018 in the Malheur Enterprise, the result of several months of interviews and a review of state, county and court records.


Malheur County system in crisis

EXTRA: Volunteers focus on speaking for kids


Foster parents face state neglect

Citizens with power oversee government’s care of foster children


Snake River proves barrier to relatives for foster kids


Former foster child tells of abuse, neglect and how she survived

Extra: She’s 10, she’s adopted, and she wants to help other foster kids

Extra: Abused by her father, she found new life with foster mother

Extra: How YOU can help foster kids and the system

The faces of our series:

Wendy Hill, director of the Ontario district office of the state Department of Human Services. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Daniel, at home with his foster mom in Vale. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Janeille Bennett, a Vale foster mother, reads to chip. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Sylvia Medina, a Vale-area foster mom. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Christine Phillips, Ontario district manager of the state child welfare, talks with Sally Vergara-Clement, a foster home certifier. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Gary Kiyuna, a Nyssa attorney who often represents children put into foster care. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Malheur County Circuit Court Judge Lung Hung. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Anna, a 10-year-old Ontario girl who was once in foster care. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Breanne, 20, who once was in foster care and now is headed to college. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Monica Grenz, an Ontario foster mom. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

Senior Judge Patricia Sullivan of the Malheur County Circuit Court. (The Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

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