TVCC contract released – can you help?

ONTARIO — Dana Young, president of Treasure Valley Community College, on Wednesday afternoon released a copy of the new labor contract between the college and its faculty.

The contract: CLICK HERE.

The contract lays out terms for pay and work conditions for about 40 faculty members for the next five years. The form also reveals that the Treasure Valley Education has its third president the past month. The contract lists Drake Wallick, chair of the college’s Mathematics Department, as president. He succeeds Dennis Gill, the union’s chief negotiator, who recently stepped in after the surprise resignation of Gerry Hampshire.

The Enterprise hasn’t had time to analyze the document and has not received return calls from college or union officials for comment on significant changes.

So, we’d like your help.

We welcome anyone to look through the contract and flag to our attention what they know to be key changes for instructors or the college. We also invite you to submit questions prompted by this contract.

Send us a message via our website, send a Facebook message, or send an email to [email protected].