Malheur County officials who are shoo-ins still should outline intentions

Dave Goldthorpe, Malheur County district attorney (Malheur Enterprise file)

That sigh of relief you heard last week was from a number of local elected officials. They watched the clock tick down to zero on the deadline to file for office. They all went home, knowing they had “won” because they will face no opponents.

Who are these winners? One is the area’s newest elected official, state Rep. Lynn Findley, R-Vale. Findley retired as Vale city manager in January and immediately had to order new business cards after his appointment as state representative. At the courthouse, County Commissioner Don Hodge, County Clerk Gayle Trotter, County Treasurer Jennifer Forsyth, District Attorney Dave Goldthorpe, Circuit Judge Lung Hung and Justice of the Peace Margaret Mahony all had to do just one thing to keep their public jobs – file for re-election.

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