Owyhee coalition gets financial boost to pursue federal lands legislation

The Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition, a local land advocacy group, recently received a big donation from the Jordan Valley Rodeo. The coalition is drafting a new plan for federal lands inside the county. (Submitted photo)

JORDAN VALLEY – A large donation from an area rodeo group will help bolster efforts of the Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition, a local land-use advocacy organization.

The Jordan Valley Rodeo gave $19,000 to the coalition at its annual membership meeting last month.

The coalition says it has more than 300 paying members and another 11,000 supporters. The group was formed to fight a federal monument designation of the Owyhee Canyonlands. An alliance of environmental groups, citizens and businesses had unsuccessfully proposed preserving 2.5 million acres.

Now the coalition is working on federal legislation to establish a broader and more . . .