Malheur County children shuttled to foster homes instead of relatives as bureaucracy rules

Malheur County Circuit Judge Lung Hung, the presiding judge, wants to clear the hurdles to placing children with relatives in Idaho when they are removed from parents in Malheur County. He conducts regular hearings on the status of foster children. (Malheur Enterprise/Les Zaitz)

VALE – The two boys, 3 and 6, needed a place to go.

State workers had removed them from their home in early February because of allegations they had been abused by their mother.

The boys were shuttled to a stranger’s home, put in the care of foster parents they had never met.

Caseworkers quickly found a grandmother across the river in Idaho who was willing to take them in.

But bureaucracy loomed and complex rules got in the way.

Instead of going to grandma’s house, they are still with . . .