EDITORIAL: ‘Sunshine Week’ underscores your access to Malheur County government information

Getting the truth out of government can sometimes be a challenge. Those in charge sometimes forget their duty is to protect the public, not their ambitions and reputations. Each of you can remind them of that next week during national Sunshine Week. As the campaign’s theme says, “It’s Your Right to Know.”

The basic premise in Oregon is that when a public agency holds a document, any citizen has a right to see it. There are exceptions, of course, and with good reason. Some government information should be kept secret. Government holds private information about individuals and businesses that has to be safeguarded.

Too often, though, those in charge of public agencies don’t like people rummaging around in their files. To some government bureaucrats, it’s an annoyance. To others, it’s a threat.

A citizen’s right to government . . .