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Nyssa swimmer hits his pace in pool and in the air

Bulldog Nathan Esplin takes wing to get to swim meets. (The Enterprise/John L. Braese)

NYSSA – The Nyssa High School wrestling team’s trip home after the recent state tournament in Portland took about eight hours.

The trip home for Nyssa’s swim team took two hours.

The difference? The swim team has its own pilot.

Actually, the entire team is the pilot.

Nyssa junior Nathan Esplin brought home two gold medals and scored a fifth place in team standings though he is alone on the team. Esplin finished first in the 200-yard freestyle race and in the 100-yard butterfly.

Earlier this season, Esplin and his father and stepmother won approval from the Nyssa School Board to sanction swimming as a school sport – and to have a one-person team.

“I . . .