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No deal yet, but Treasure Valley Community College labor talks to continue

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – Recall when you mother sent you and your sister to a room to “just work it out” without her interference?

That old approach is the one Treasure Valley Community College administration and the teachers’ union is now taking after more than a year of negotiations failed to produce a new labor contract.

On Friday, college officials and leaders from the Treasure Valley Education Association will again meet. The difference this time will be the people missing --no lawyers for either side will be in the room, no mediators coming up with ideas.

The decision to go it alone comes after a monstrous 18-hour session last Friday and Saturday didn’t get a deal done. With both sides feeling optimistic going into that session, talks again bogged down and ultimately were fruitless.

As the clock ticks closer to some hard decisions . . .