New TVCC labor talks slated Friday

By John L. Braese
The Enterprise
ONTARIO – Even after six instructors learned they may be losing their jobs, a new round of negotiations between Treasure Valley Community College and teachers has been scheduled for Friday.
The retrenchment notices mailed out last week continue a long list of problems between the college and the Treasure Valley Education Association, the union representing teachers.
The two sides started talking in December 2016, months before the labor contract expired in July 2017.
As talks continued over the ensuing months without resolution, they turned to a state mediator to help broker a deal.
The first session was last December and such sessions continued off and on into last week.
Sitting in separate rooms, the two sides would discuss issues, relay their concerns to a mediator, who would then walk down the hallway and relay the message to the other side.
The staging rooms are informally . . .