EDITORIAL: TVCC fate rests on avoiding damaging collision of management, labor

That sound you hear in Ontario is two freight trains heading at each other at full speed on the same track with no brakeman aboard. That’s the best characterization we can think of to describe the state of relations between administrators and faculty at Treasure Valley Community College. Unless something dramatic happens, we’re about to see a colossal wreck.

For a year, talks have been underway to strike a new pay deal between the college and 36 faculty members. The existing contract expired last June, the college budgeted on hopes it would have a cost-saving deal in place, and faculty members are guarding their pay and their workload.

Tensions are mounting. Mediation sessions haven’t worked. The faculty is drumming up community support. Last week, college officials put six bodies on that railroad track, announcing that the budget troubles mean six faculty members could lose . . .