College plans faculty cuts

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – Facing a budget shortfall, Treasure Valley Community College took the initial step last week to lay off staff and do away with programs at the local college.

The process to complete the staff layoffs has gone into high gear with a special board meeting scheduled for Thursday.

President Dana Young has warned for weeks that the college has to make dramatic changes to account for declining enrollment and rising costs.

She made good on her warnings, triggering layoff notices for six long-time faculty.

The notices were delivered by mail and email and reached various departments. Those receiving the bad news were instructors Dustin Mason, computer department Melissa Vargas, English department; Rebecca RePlogle, music department; Claire Holderman, foreign languages; Greg Borman, math department; and Kevin Campbell, welding.

If the college goes through with the decision to eliminate their positions, they could . . .