Former Vale Albertsons building may be another victim of 2017 winter

By John L. Braese
The Enterprise
VALE – The effects of last winter’s snow and ice continue as one more building in Vale may fall victim to the wrecking ball.
Located at 343 A Street W., the building formerly was home to the Merc and Albertsons. The Merc was a general store, carrying everything from household items to clothing. The brick structure was built in 1946.
The owner is Premium Investments LLC, started in 2006 by Vale resident Logan Hamilton, his wife Pattie Hamilton, and Idaho resident Greg Jarolimer.
“We know we have to do something about the building,” said Hamilton. “We are getting some bids on both repairs and demolishing the building currently.”
Hamilton said the old building was doing fine until last winter’s snow and ice accumulation took a toll on the roof. The damage spread, breaching the rear brick wall.
Vale earlier lost another landmark to winter storms when the IOOF Building, better known as the Slipper, was crushed by snow and finally removed late last year.
“We did take a look at remodeling it at one time,” said Hamilton. “We had no issues with it before last winter. The roof is the cause of the damage.”
Hamilton said he hoped to keep the old store because it’s a part of Vales’ history. He had no plans for the building when he bought it but now faces a decision to repair the aging structure or demolish it.
City workers notified Hamilton of the deterioration and hazards and advised something had to be done. Since the notification, Hamilton has been busy phoning contractors and demolition companies for estimates.
“I would like to keep the heritage of the building,” said Hamilton. “We will take a look at the bids and see what can be done.”