Teachers alerted to drugs in schools

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

VALE – A 7-year-old not long ago brought something to a local school to share with classmates -- marijuana.  

The friends told and the Malheur County Juvenile Department is now involved.

The episode is the latest in a trend of juveniles engaging in drug use in sometimes imaginative ways that escape the attention of teachers and parents, according to county authorities.

According to the juvenile department, caseloads are increasing, the majority involving illegal substances.

The scene plays out in one Vale home after another – a student’s morning routine of a shower, a bite to eat, and heading out the door to school with a backpack.

Some are carrying more than homework and lunch in their packs, police say. Shuffled in with the cell phone, the pair of socks and the pens also may be “wax,” “shatter,” or a dabbing nail. All . . .