COLUMN: Justice for Montwheeler, Villines requires patience, not rage

By Les Zaitz

The anger spills off the screen.

Anthony Montwheeler, the former state hospital patient accused of two local murders, draws special venom from commenters on social media.

“Mob with pitchforks and torches, I’m thinking. Take care of business the right way,” one person wrote.

“Kill him” has been the theme of other comments, though put more colorfully and graphically than that.

And then came word police were looking for Douglas R. Villines on charges he sexually abused a 10-year-old Nyssa girl.

Commenters proposed gruesome treatments for the accused man.

“Public hanging would make people like him think twice,” one man wrote.

Both men are targets of deep disgust for what they are suspected of doing or have done. Montwheeler told officials he faked his mental illness and three weeks after his release, two people died. He is charged in their deaths. Villines has been to . . .