EDITORIAL: Community deserves access to Montwheeler evaluation

Once again, the public is being shut out from information about Anthony Montwheeler, the man accused of two murders a year ago in Malheur County. This time, citizens are left in the dark about the latest mental evaluation of Montwheeler.

A state judge ordered Montwheeler sent to the Oregon State Hospital for evaluation. The job of the medical staff there was to assess whether he was fit to stand trial.

Three weeks ago, state hospital professionals filed their report with the court, and it was made part of Montwheeler’s case file in Malheur County Circuit Court. The 37-page report, though, isn’t accessible to the public.

His lawyer disclosed in a filing last week that the report concluded Montwheeler was not fit for trial. If the court agrees, that means Montwheeler would be returned to the state hospital for an uncertain time for treatment.

The conclusion he isn . . .