Review raises questions on proposed rail center

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
NYSSA – State officials reviewing plans for a rail shipping center in Nyssa raised concerns that local officials were underestimating costs and hadn’t obtained all the money needed for the project.
A team at the state Transportation Department produced the review ahead of action to approve $1.3 million in state funding for the project to go ahead.
The Enterprise obtained the review through a public records request.
Under review was the application from the Malheur Economic Development Corp. for seed money to more fully research the suitability of acreage north of Nyssa picked as the location for the agricultural project.
Despite the flags, the state Transportation Commission awarded the money at the recommendation of Matt Garrett, Transportation Department director.
The report noted that the development company had “limited direct experience developing and operating an intermodal facility” and that local team “would be stronger with . . .