Sidelined by injury, Ausman plays her role from the bench

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

NYSSA – As fans entered the Nyssa High School gym last Tuesday to watch the battle between the Bulldogs and Vale Vikings, each received the obligatory roster listing names and numbers.

On the Nyssa roster, No. 24 was Mickena Ausman, a senior listed at 5 feet 7.

The Bulldog starter, though, wasn’t in uniform and wouldn’t be taking the court. That didn’t keep her from helping her teammates.

Sidelined by injury, she yelled out screens, screamed whom to pick up off a pick and cheered the Nyssa’s 50-43 win.

“It is bittersweet watching and not being out there,” Ausman said. “At times, it is just plain torture.”

Ausman went down with a year-ending knee injury on Jan. 5 in Nyssa’s home league opener against Riverside. Chasing a loose ball, Ausman went to the floor and heard . . .