Regional snowpack ‘bank account’ below normal

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
VALE – The best way to visualize snowpack and water availability for the county is to think of a bank account.
Each winter, storms roll over the local area and deposit snow in the mountains. As more storms arrive the snowpack bank account grows. But this year Mother Nature hasn’t dropped as much capital into her bank account as usual, which could have far-reaching implications for the county’s two biggest economic engines – cattle and farming.
While Mother Nature’s stinginess may not hurt the 2018 farming season, low snowpack levels this year could mean trouble in 2019.
“We will be fine this year with the stored water,” said Ron Jacobs, the state water master in Vale.
That’s because, said Jacobs, Mother Nature was generous in 2017, as epic storms dropped record levels of snow onto the two main water basins – the Owyhee . . .