EDITORIAL: Ethics at the Enterprise focused on gaining, keeping trust

With tumult these days over what’s believable in the news and what’s not, now seems a good time for us to again state our principles. We believe you, the reader, should have no doubt about the ethics that undergird our work in reporting the news of Malheur County.

Citizens are right to be questioning about media ethics. For one, the definition of “media” encompasses almost anyone that puts words down on paper or online or in a broadcast. For another, too many holding themselves out as journalists are instead professional shouters, paid or promoted to hype points of view dressed as facts.

At the Malheur Enterprise, ethics are part of our DNA. We want to be right and do right. Journalists, though, too often assume that consumers of our work know that. Journalists aren’t very good about publicly declaring those ethics, holding them out as measures by . . .