Menchaca steps into Nyssa fire chief slot

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
NYSSA – To Eric Menchaca, fire is alive.
“It doesn’t care how old you are or your race. It is going to burn and it will hurt you,” Menchaca, 34, said.
For the past 12 years, as a member of the Nyssa Volunteer Fire Department, Menchaca learned about the destruction a blaze can inflict on grassland, property and people.
Menchaca conveys his experience in a low-key way but his firefighting know-how will be crucial after he was named the department’s new chief. A chief, Menchaca receives a small stipend per month from the city.
Menchaca will replace Randy Fales, who recently retired.
Menchaca’s department consists of the city and rural fire agencies - with 20 volunteer firefighters. Menchaca works fulltime for Treasure Valley Paramedics as an emergency medical technician.
Menchaca said he became a firefighter because, “it just sounded fun . . .