Legal Notices – January 10

TS No. OR09000011-17-1 APN 7135 TO No 5924705 TRUSTEE’S NOTICE OF SALE Reference is made to that certain Trust Deed made by, HAROLD L CORFIELD, A MARRIED MAN AS HIS SOLE & SEPARATE PROPERTY as Grantor to FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE CO. as Trustee, in favor of BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. as Beneficiary dated as of July 29, 2009 and recorded on August 3, 2009 as Instrument No. 2009-5819 and the beneficial interest was assigned to M&T Bank and recorded February 21, 2012 as Instrument Number 2012-0500 of official records in the Office of the Recorder of Malheur County, Oregon to-wit: APN: 7135 LAND IN MALHEUR COUNTY, OREGON, AS FOLLOWS: IN TWP. 17 S., R. 47 E., W.M.: SEC. 21: A PARCEL OF LAND IN THE SW 1/4 NW 1/4 MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: COMMENCING AT THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SAID SW 1/4 NW 1/4; THENCE WEST 750 FEET; THENCE NORTH 282 FEET; THENCE WEST 271 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING; THENCE NORTH 302 FEET; THENCE WEST 271 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 302 FEET; THENCE EAST 271 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. TOGETHER WITH AN ACCESS EASEMENT DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: COMMENCING AT THE SAID SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THE SW 1/4 NW 1/4 OF SECTION 21; THENCE NORTH 584 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING; THENCE NORTH 30 FEET; THENCE WEST 1292 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 30 FEET; THENCE EAST 1292 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. Commonly known as: 397 WEBSTER WAY, ONTARIO, OR 97914-8441 Both the Beneficiary, M&T Bank, and the Trustee, Nathan F. Smith, Esq., OSB #120112, have elected to sell the said real property to satisfy the obligations secured by said Trust Deed and notice has been recorded pursuant to Section 86.735(3) of Oregon Revised Statutes. The default for which the foreclosure is made is the Grantor’s failure to pay: Failed to pay payments which became due Monthly Payment(s): 2 Monthly Payment(s) from 11/01/2014 to 12/01/2014 at $678.51 12 Monthly Payment(s) from 01/01/2015 to 12/01/2015 at $682.95 22 Monthly Payment(s) from 01/01/2016 to 10/01/2017 at $670.58 Monthly Late Charge(s): 10/24/2017 By this reason of said default the Beneficiary has declared all obligations secured by said Trust Deed immediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to-wit: The sum of $82,216.71 together with interest thereon at the rate of 4.87500% per annum from October 1, 2014 until paid; plus all accrued late charges thereon; and all Trustee’s fees, foreclosure costs and any sums advanced by the Beneficiary pursuant to the terms of said Trust Deed. Wherefore, notice is hereby given that, the undersigned Trustee will on March 19, 2018 at the hour of 01:00 PM, Standard of Time, as established by Section 187.110, Oregon Revised Statues, Main Entrance, Malheur County Courthouse, 251 B Street West, Vale, OR 97918 County of Malheur, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the Grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution by him of the said Trust Deed, together with any interest which the Grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of said Trust Deed, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and the costs and expenses of sale, including a reasonable charge by the Trustee. Notice is further given that any person named in Section 86.753 of Oregon Revised Statutes has the right to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the Trust Deed reinstated by payment to the Beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of said principal as would not then be due had no default occurred), together with the costs, Trustee’s or attorney’s fees and curing any other default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering the performance required under the obligation or Trust Deed, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for sale. Without limiting the Trustee’s disclaimer of representations or warranties, Oregon law requires the Trustee to state in this notice that some residential property sold at a Trustee’s sale may have been used in manufacturing methamphetamines, the chemical components of which are known to be toxic. Prospective purchasers of residential property should be aware of this potential danger before deciding to place a bid for this property at the Trustee’s sale. In construing this notice, the masculine gender includes the feminine and the neuter, the singular includes plural, the word “Grantor” includes any successor in interest to the Grantor as well as any other persons owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said Trust Deed, the words “Trustee” and “Beneficiary” includes their respective successors in interest, if any. Dated: 10/24/2017 By: Nathan F. Smith, Esq., OSB #120112 Successor Trustee Malcolm & Cisneros, A Law Corporation Attention: Nathan F. Smith, Esq., OSB #120112 c/o TRUSTEE CORPS 17100 Gillette Ave, Irvine, CA 92614 949-252-8300 FOR SALE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: Auction.com at 800.280.2832 Website for Trustee’s Sale Information: www.Auction.comISL Number 35435, Pub Dates: 12/20/2017, 12/27/2017, 01/03/2018, 01/10/2018, MALHEUR ENTERPRISE
Publish Dates: December 20 & 27, 2017 and January 3 &10, 2018

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. at the front door of the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office, 151 B Street W, in the City of Vale, Oregon, defendant’s interest will be sold, subject to redemption, in the real property commonly known as: 1266 W. MAIN STREET, VALE, OR 97918 (“SUBJECT PROPERTY”). The court case number is 17CV21953, where DITECH FINANCIAL LLC, is the plaintiff, and VICTORIA A. TERMINE AS AFFIANT OF THE SMALL ESTATE OF DAVID J. TERMINE AND ALL OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE REAL PROPERTY COMMONLY KNOWN AS 1266 W. MAIN STREET, VALE, OR 97918, are the defendants. The sale is a public auction to the highest bidder for cash or cashier’s check, in hand, made out to Malheur County Sheriff’s Office. For more information on this sale go to: www.oregonsheriffs.com/sales.htm
Publish Dates: January 10, 17, 24, and 31, 2018

Case No.: 17CV52044
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting through the Rural Housing Services or successor agency; United States Department of Agriculture,
Plaintiff, vs.
UNKNOWN HEIRS AND DEVISEES EARLENE CORTHEN, deceased; all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, lien, or interest in the Property described in the Complaint herein; MARLENA COTTON; and TOM L. CORTHEN,
TO THE DEFENDANTS: The Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Earlene Corthen, all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, lien, or interest in the Property described below and in the Complaint;
IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF OREGON, you are hereby required to appear and answer the complaint filed against you in the above-entitled Court and cause on or before the expiration of 30 days from the date of the first publication of this summons. The date of first publication in this matter is January 10, 2018. If you fail timely to appear and answer, plaintiff will apply to the above-entitled court for the relief prayed for in its complaint. This is a judicial foreclosure of a deed of trust in which the plaintiff requests that the plaintiff be allowed to foreclose your interest in the following described real property: 494 North 14th Ave., Nyssa, OR 97913, and is legally described as: In Twp. 19 S., R. 47 E., WM: Sec. 29: A parcel of land in the NWl/4 NWI/4 described as follows: Beginning at a point 596 feet East and 15 feet North of the Southwest corner of the said NWI/4 NWl/4,said point being on the East boundary of the Nyssa-Arcadia Drain Ditch right of way; East, parallel with the South boundary of the said NWI/4 NWI/4, 88 feet; Thence North, parallel with the East boundary of the said NWl/4 NWl/4, 267 feet; Thence West, parallel with the said South boundary, to the intersection with the said East boundary of the Nyssa-Arcadia Drain Ditch right of way; Thence Southerly, coincident with said right of way, to the Point of Beginning, Malheur County, Oregon. A lawsuit has been started against you in the above-entitled court by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting through the Rural Housing Services or successor agency; United States Department of Agriculture. Plaintiff’s claims are stated in the written complaint, a copy of which was filed with the above-entitled Court. You must “appear” in this case or the other side will win automatically. To “appear” you must file with the court a legal document called a “motion” or “answer.” The “motion” or “answer” (or “reply”) must be given to the court clerk or administrator within 30 days of the date of first publication specified herein along with the required filing fee. It must be in proper form and have proof of service on the plaintiff’s attorney or, if the plaintiff does not have an attorney, proof of service on the plaintiff. If you have any questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you may contact the Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service online at www.oregonstatebar.org or by calling (503) 684-3763 (in the Portland metropolitan area) or toll-free elsewhere in Oregon at (800) 452-7636. This summons is published pursuant to ORCP 7D(6).
Rima I. Ghandour, OSB No. 020513
[email protected]
Attorney for Plaintiff
Trial Attorney: Rima I. Ghandour
Publish Dates: January 10, 17, 24, and 31, 2018