EDITORIAL: Here’s Malheur County’s work list for 2018

The end of each year often triggers reflection on what has gone on the past 365 days. Many of us take stock of successes, failures, dreams fulfilled, ambitions not quite met. We should all consider, though, what the year ahead can mean to better ourselves, our families, and our community.

We’d like to focus on the community. Malheur County saw its share of successes in the past year. Yet persistent challenges remain for our community. Too many of our children still live in poverty and fall short at school. Too many families struggle without enough income to make the lowest rung of middle class. Too many of our citizens betray their futures by abusing drugs and alcohol.

Here are our Top Five issues for concerted community attention in the next year.

POVERTY: Malheur County remains one of the most impoverished counties in Oregon. That has been the . . .