Ontario officials feel left out of rail reload center plans

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
VALE – The path to build a rail reload center north of Nyssa hit a speed bump last week when Ontario officials expressed concern over the process used to select the site.
Ontario Mayor Ron Verini and City Manager Adam Brown publicly questioned the way the Malheur County Development Corp. chose three properties north of Nyssa to build the Treasure Valley Reload Center.
Ontario had competed to be home to the $26 million project.
Verini and Brown vented their frustrations at the development corporation’s meeting at Vale City Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The public corporation, set up by the Malheur County Court, is in charge of the project and has been meeting for months, often behind closed doors to protect negotiations.
“For the record, this was the first meeting we’ve ever been invited too,” said Verini.
Ontario officials believe they should . . .