Financier blocks money for Jantz expenses

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

VALE – Galen Jantz, the failed Vale farmer, turned over everything he owned to settle millions in debts and hoped for only one thing – enough money to care for his now destitute family.

His financier, according to a new legal filing, wouldn’t provide it.

Jantz’s world collapsed earlier this year when his Nyssa grain brokerage, Farmers Grain LLC, went bankrupt under millions in debt and millions in losses. The financier of that operation then came calling for money owed by Jantz on his personal farming operations east of Vale.

Reports recently filed in court by his conservator provide the most detail to date on what crushed the brokerage. It also describes a debilitated Jantz, who now lives in a small rental in Wisconsin with no income and no assets.

The continuing effort to salvage something for creditors, ranging from banks to local . . .