New plan in the works for Owyhee

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

AROCK – The Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition is working on legislation to establish a new public land management plan in Malheur County.

The group held meetings in Arock, McDermitt and Jordan Valley last week to collect comments on the proposal.

“The idea is to look at a different designation of this land that would offer a certain amount of protection to keep environmentalists satisfied so we don’t have to fight a monument designation,” said Elias Eiguren, coalition treasurer.

Eiguren, a Jordan Valley rancher, said the proposed legislation would also be focused on multi-use where an array of groups – cattlemen, environmentalists and recreationists – attain what they want.

“We still must provide for our culture and way of life in terms of cattle and for the county in terms of hunting and fishing without restricting access,” said Eiguren.

The consists of more than 300 paying members . . .