Councilor stands by text messages on sales tax

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – Ontario City Councilor Marty Justus said those driving the repeal of the city’s sales tax have profited at the city’s expense and have “done nothing but benefited keeping the city down.”
Justus, an Ontario realtor, leveled the criticism in a text message with a local resident. He confirmed the message, in which he said that “the old guard has kept the city where it is” and “the folks that are spearheading this have benefited keeping the city down. All of them have made money at the [city’s] expense.”
Justus wouldn’t elaborate on his remarks or identify the individuals to whom he was referring.
“My comments are my comments and I stand by them,” Justus said.
Justus’s comments came after local business leaders orchestrated a petition drive to refer to voters the city’s proposed 1 percent sales tax. City . . .